Channel Drainage Systems

Al Fatah International is the distributors of different types of world class Channel Drainage Systems in DI, HD-PE, GI, Polymer Concrete, Poly Carbonate & PVC. Distributor for MUFLE brand High Quality HD-PE Channel Drainage Systems from Italy Distributor for GRIDIRON, Italian brand of Polymer Concrete Channel Systems & Access covers Distributor for FIRSTPLAST, Italian brand of PVC Channel Gratings

MUFLE Systems, Italy

Mufle System-Italy, now part of ACO Group, is a leader in the linear drainage system in HD-PE, Stainless steel and in punctual drainage. They are specialized in water conveying system towards collection lines or points and offers innovative solutions and designs for water drainage. Their EASY (Class A15/B125), VIP (Class C250), & WING (Class D400/E600/F900) models with DI Grating & HD-PE U-Channels are very popular due to its ease of use & easy installation. Their new range of environment friendly & corrosion-free Polycarbonate Gratings with HD-PE U-Channels are suitable for pedestrian areas & garage parking areas. All their products are very durable, practical & economical compared to other European brands. Mufle System head quartered in Italy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Mufle System applies the CE marking on all its products in compliance with the EN 1433 and all other European directives.

Gridiron, Italy

GRIDIRON SPA, a modern and dynamic company was established in Italy in year 1974 by its founders Mr. Valentino Pizzol and Mr. Giancarlo Zanette. GRIDIRON specializes in the production and distribution of complete range of drainage systems such as reinforced concrete channels, polymer concrete channels, alternative drainage systems, ecologically sustainable drainage systems, stainless steel drainage systems, walk-over & drive-over gratings, sun screen & wind screen gratings etc. Market leader in the drainage systems, GRIDIRON creates and proposes solutions for the collection, conveyance and discharge of water. GRIDIRON believes in innovation, research and development of standard products or customized to the specific needs of the client in compliance with all safety, health and environmental norms.


FirstPlast which was founded in 1966 is skilled in manufacturing building plastics and produces in modern plants in Altare, Italy. It produces drainage systems such as drainage channels, ground accessories, rainwater gutter and solvent cement fittings made of PVC. FirstPlast product development is definitely focused on quality and environmental respect, being the company ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system and ISO 14001 for environmental management in its activities. An internal laboratory performs daily control of production quality using the most advanced instruments for the testing of plastics, in order to verify that they correspond to European standards of reference.