Extruded Flooring Tiles

Gresmanc, Spain

Gres de La Mancha, Spain continues the work undertaken by three generations dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of ceramic products for construction. Its activity focuses particularly on the production of Extruded Clinker Stoneware, under the Gresmanc brand, a glazed ceramic material of great resistance and durability and low absorption, responding to the most demanding requirements of today’s domestic and international markets. The extraordinary quality of Gresmanc’s products and its complete range of special parts has made the company a reference worldwide, thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation, in order to offer its clients the best results in design, quality, functionality and service.

Gresmanc’s headquarters are in the municipal district of Los Yébenes (Toledo, Spain), where it has different production and logistics centers for the manufacture and distribution of its extraordinary ceramic products.


Gresmanc began creating extruded ceramics more than 25 years ago, is today one of the most important companies in the ceramic cluster in Spain. This is reflected in its wide range of solutions for different sectors, applying the experience gained in all its products and projects. The sum of all these elements results in a range of exceptional products of both residential and technical pavement, private, public and technical pools, ceramic ventilated facade systems, all with professionals, specialists and engineers oriented to build quality of life.

Manufacturing through the extrusion process gives our parts high durability and strength. Its careful design and the wide range of colors make our products recognized worldwide for their high quality, which is not diminished by the passage of time.

Gresmanc is able to create different types of antibacterial extruded stoneware flooring based on its different functionalities.


Residential Flooring & Stairs:

Gresmanc offers more than fifteen models of pavement, distributed in five collections, aimed at the residential environment. Complete range of special pieces and steps offers integral solutions to stairs, base boards, planters etc.


KlinkerTech Industrial Floor Tiles:

The KlinkerTech industrial line offers the highest levels of functionality, safety and health for productive activities. Klinker porcelain industrial flooring offers high resistance to heavy traffic, flexing, deep abrasion, stains and ice loads. These porcelain klinker tiles are best suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, terraces & roofs, pools & leisure spaces.


Advantages of KlinkerTech industrial flooring:

High durability

100% natural base material

Full resistance to frost and weathering

Lifetime UV resistance and color fastness

resistance to scratches and breaks

Acid and alkaline resistance.