Glazed Roof Tiles by Cejatel

Cejatel, Brazil

Since 1974, CEJATEL has been building a success story over the years. Today it has three factories in Brazil, where more than 50,000,000 pieces of tiles are produced annually. Four decades of constant research and investments in technology have made the tiles produced by CEJATEL reach the highest standards of beauty and quality. With its continuous expansion to new markets, CEJATEL now reaches more than 50 countries. The CEJATEL Group has been developing solutions for finishing and coating in a unique and elegant way, always respecting the environment. CEJATEL TILES in their classic design of the European lines has a range of colors and accessories to make your home even more beautiful, with the high quality of a product with low water absorption and great durability. CEJATEL is the first company in Brazil to produce enameled tiles in a continuous oven system. It was the first company in Americas and Europe to develop and produce semi-stoneware tiles by a ceramic coating process. Moreover it was the first clay tile producer in Brazil to obtain certification in the United States for commercialization (NOA – Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office)