Natural & Antique Clay Roof Tiles

Tognana, Italy

Very few companies in the world can boast of a history like TOGNANA. Established in year 1820, market presence of 200 years in Italy & Europe itself is the most unequivocal confirmation of quality and prestige of TOGNANA Clay Roof Tiles. TOGNANA produces a wide range of quality clay roof tiles such as Portoguese Tiles (Both Natural & Antique types), Marsigliese Tiles, Royal Coppo, Tuscany Coppo, Double Coppo Stopper, Plain Tiles etc. In fact TOGNANA Portoguese Natural & Antique Tiles are the most trusted and the best-selling clay roof tiles in UAE. All the production process phases are computerized and controlled so as to achieve the highest standards. To achieve a long-lasting product, with no maintenance and excellent aesthetic level, laboratory carefully selects and mixtures only high quality clay from the Venetian lowland. TOGNANA provides a complete range of natural clay tiles and single-cooking antique tiles compatible to environment. Flexural strength, water repellence, flatness and appearance are tested every day according to a programmed sampling system, to ensure that all tiles produced meet the requisite standards. The company obtained the uniformity with standards UNI EN 1304, EN 538/539-1/539-2/1024, EN 533/2 at the end of the frost resistance for the countries of Europe. In 1998 the certification of quality management system was awarded according to UNI EN ISO 9002, which confirms today, according to the new UNI EN 9001-2008. In 2001, the environmental system certification UNI EN ISO 14001 was also awarded. Some of the major TOGNANA projects in UAE include Ritz Carlton-Grand Canal Project in Abu Dhabi, Shurooq-Mirdiff & International City projects in Dubai etc. TOGNANA Clay Roof Tiles comes along with a warranty of 50 years.