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KAN was established in 1990 in Germany and has been implementing state of the art technologies in heating and water distribution solutions ever since. KAN, an ISO 9001 certified company is a European recognized leader and supplier of state of the art KAN-therm solutions and installations intended for indoor hot and cold tap water installations, central heating and surface heating/cooling installations, as well as fire extinguishing and technological installations.


Since the beginning of its activity, KAN has been building its leading position on such values as professionalism, innovativeness, quality and development. Today, the company employs over 700 people, a great part of which are specialist engineers responsible for ensuring continuous development of the KAN-therm system, all technological processes applied and customer service. The qualifications and commitment of our personnel guarantees the highest quality of products manufactured in KAN factories.



KAN-therm system is a modern and versatile plumbing system intended for hot and cold water; heating and cooling; fire protection, gas and industrial applications.


KAN-therm system meets the most demanding standards and technical requirements confirmed by certificates from various accredited laboratories.