Roof Drains & Parking Drains

Al Fatah International Trading is the sole agent and distributor for FRANCO brand Roof Drains and Parking Drains in UAE.


ROOF DRAINS:- FRANCO Roof Drains easily allows water to drain out and act against clogging of water on the roofs. It comes in both Parapet and Dome types to be fitted into 3’ or 4’ pipes. The design is as per standard specifications so that it can be used in all types of buildings and villa projects. Roof Drain comprises of cast iron main body and a removable cast aluminum gravel guard with powder coated finish fastened with SS 316 bolts & nuts. FRANCO Rain water outlets are approved by all major consultants and clients in UAE including PWD. PARKING DRAINS:- FRANCO Parking Drain comes with adjustable Heavy duty Tractor Grating, lacquered CI body with Anchor flange, CI clamp ring with primary and secondary weep holes for membrane together with vertical Cast Iron Body with threaded 4” Bottom. Function: Used in warehouses, mechanical rooms, parking garages and other membrane finished areas. Options: Top Grating Square or Round Finish: Nickel bronze, Polished/Unpolished, Ductile Iron. Size: 150×150 or 200x200mm Assembly: C.I Body Threaded or Rubber Gasket connection. FLOOR DRAINS:- FRANCO Floor Drains comes with Strainer/Grating in Nickel bronze polished/unpolished finish in top grating of various sizes in medium loading with threaded adjustable straight outlet. Suitable for either Direct Spigot Pipe connection or Threaded pipe connection FRANCO gratings and covers are designed to suit a wide variety of modern floor finishes such as ceramic tiles, resin floors, sheet vinyl and concrete Options: Top Grating Square or Round Finish: Nickel bronze, Polished/Unpolished Size: 150×150 or 200x200mm top grating Assembly: Direct Pipe connection or with Cast Iron body assembly.