Terracotta Facade Panels, Clay Bricks & Pavers

LOPO, China

LOPO China is a family owned company established in 2002 by the couple Mr. Xinghua Peng and Mrs. Meiyu Yang. Over the past decades, LOPO has become the leading manufacturer of architectural terracotta product in mainland China.

Three state of the art factories are set up in Fujian province for producing Terracotta Facade Panels, Clay Face Bricks & Artificial Cultured Stone. With increased production capacity,

LOPO is now capable of delivering its products to international markets after meeting demands in mainland China.
LOPO is committed to deliver innovative and sustainable terracotta cladding products that today’s architects and designers are looking for. LOPO terracotta facade products are manufactured to meet the quality standards, guidelines, and performance requirements for product imports in the European Union and USA (EU/ASTM standard).

LOPO China’s unwavering devotion to product quality and innovation has led to partake in iconic architectural structures recognized at home and abroad. Including the Beijing University of Technology’s gymnasium, one of the facilities where the Beijing Olympics took place. Lopo products are also featured in The Hamburg House at the Expo 2010 Shanghai, featuring the theme “Sustainable Urban Development and Ecological Climate-friendly Construction.” Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center project designed by PES-Architects, which won many international design awards, featuring LOPO customized glazed terracotta baguettes and cladding.

As an environment friendly decorative material for external walls, terracotta panel is constantly explored by architectural designers for its aesthetic potential when applied to a building facade. The design effects are achieved not only through various patterns (such as surface, shape, color) of the terracotta panels but also through various installation methods including horizontal, vertical, beveled, split-leveled and overlapped installations.
Conventionally, terracotta panels are horizontally installed according to “rain-screen principle” in order to prevent rainwater from permeating into the wall. Other installation methods are designed in a way that terracotta panels are often used as a decorative element for the walls to attain special effects of the facade.
Vertical installation is also a relatively conventional method for installing terracotta panels. This installation method can visually extend the facade, improve the smoothness of the vertical lines of a building and deliver a clearer and more impressive outline of the building. Therefore, this installation method is applied to many high rising buildings.
The textured finish of LOPO facade panels formed by natural clay extrusion is a very important design element for modern architecture.
Different customers have different preferences for terracotta panel texture. However, LOPO can very well meet either the needs of natural clay surface preferred by European & American designers or the fine uniform texture advocated by Japanese designers. LOPO has advanced raw material grinding & processing equipment which can realize different fine surface effects according to customer’s requirements. The grind fineness of LOPO terracotta panel raw material can reach 60 meshes (about 0.25mm)
LOPO terracotta panel comes in five kinds of standard textures. Natural, Frosted (Sandblasted), Linear, Grooved (Combed) and Corrugated. Each surface can be glazed in different colors or textures according to customer’s requirements.

LOPO Clay Facing Bricks has been used as a primary building material all over the world. It is one of the leading environment friendly cladding materials used in residential and commercial structures.
Made from finest clay and formed by vacuum extrusion and fired by tunnel kiln, it is featured in good color and various textures which never fade and is quite attractive.
In order to meet modern architectural design requirements, LOPO has developed various textures of Clay Bricks which includes Restored texture, Natural Flat, Zephyr texture, Matta texture, Linear texture, Frosted texture, Handmade texture and Special textures. These various textures give a level of design flexibility which cannot be attained with other similar materials. These textures not only motivate the designer’s source of inspiration but also bring the cultural connotation for your household environment.
These are bricks made from clay and used as both finishing and load-bearing body of the buildings walls. These bricks are in rectangular (standard) form or irregular (auxiliary) form. They are usually designed with porous structure for the purposes including even-heating during calcinations, lowering the bricks overall weight etc. These bricks are widely used in landscaping, residence, shops, utility & public buildings.
Advantages of Clay Facing Bricks used as Exterior Walls:-

Clay Facing Bricks are calcined from clay at high temperature so that they are anti-weathering and anti-corrosive. These bricks generally have a water absorption rate of not more than 8% so that they are highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.
Excellent Thermal Insulation
Temperature adjustable characteristics specific to clay facing bricks makes the room interior cool at summer and warm at winter.
Enhancement of Construction Efficiency
The construction process is very simple because clay facing bricks are installed on the external leaf of the cavity wall with both thermal insulation and decoration being completed at a single step. Meanwhile the construction efficiency can be greatly enhanced because the wall body and furnishings are completed simultaneously.
High Safety
Clay Facing Bricks are calcined from clay at above 1100 degree celcius so that the material itself is non-flammable
Sustainability & Low-maintenance
Clay Facing Bricks are environment-friendly and can be re-used. They will not fade in atmosphere and will instead be more antiquated over time. Once correctly installed, no maintenance or services are needed.

Fired from natural clay at high temperatures (1100-1300 degrees), LOPO clay pavers have excellent properties, such as strong breaking strength, abrasion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption. LOPO clay pavers are beautiful, durable and colorfast, so that they are ideal for paving gardens, patio, terrace, walkway, square, driveway, parking, etc. Different land areas require clay pavers of different abrasion resistance and breaking loads. LOPO can provide clay pavers of different thickness accordingly.
Standard Dimensions for LOPO Clay Pavers:
(Note: length, width and thickness shall be proportional.)
LOPO also offer terracotta stair and skirting tiles which has good performance in abrasion resistance and anti-slipperiness. Varying thickness, texture and color are available.
Heavy Clay Paver
LOPO 40-65mm Clay Pavers serve as suitable paving materials for use in areas such as public squares and driveways that require high compressive strength and great durability.
Light Clay Paver
LOPO 12-30mm terracotta floor pavers can be used in walkways, courtyards, gardens and indoor areas where the requirement for destructive load of the floor material is low. The product features constant color and good wear resistance.

Terracotta Floor Tiles
LOPO can provide terracotta floor tiles with a thickness of 12-30 mm and supporting terracotta stair and skirting tiles for indoor and pedestrian areas, and they feature good anti-slip properties.