Valves & Fittings

FUCOLI, Portugal

Fucoli-Somepal SA, established since 1946 in Portugal, is a family owned company that combines tradition with innovation, with extensive experience in the development of cast iron products for drinking water and waste water networks, gas, telecommunications and fire-fighting.


Two factories located in the center of Portugal, Fucoli is a leader in the domestic market and one of the best castings for water production solutions with 100% European production with worldwide presence exporting to over 60 countries.


Product range goes from Valves, such as Soft sealing gate valves, Butterfly valves, Check valves and Balance float valves, Hydrants, Fittings and access solutions for water networks, wastewater treatment, gas distribution and fire protection.


Due to solid know-how and decades of experience, today Fucoli-Somepal is one of the only manufacturers to produce exclusively in Europe, ensuring full control of the production process: from its conception and design to final test. Fucoli-Somepal products are produced according to the highest patterns, complying with the highest standards and certifications.


Strict values and guidelines, and complying with the deadlines, in a spirit of constant upgrading and using the LEAN methodology, guarantee customers a high standard of quality, innovation, trust, sustainability and after-sales support.