Yali Pumice – Light Weight Aggregates

Yali Pumice, Greece

Yali Pumice stone is a natural raw material of volcanic origin. It is quarried on Yali Island in Greece, by Lava Mining and Quarrying Company, part of Lafarge Holcim Group.

It is a homogenous, chemically inert and environmentally friendly material, with low specific weight and high mechanical strength. Due to its porous nature it has also excellent thermal and soundproofing properties. Approximately one million metric tons are quarried yearly and exported all over the world for numerous applications.

A material with unlimited applications:

Yali Pumice stone is an absolutely natural resource that is converted daily into an industrial quality solution of added value all over the world. It serves a wide range of applications modernising the activities of our daily life like housing, transportation, alimentation, clothing etc.


Usage in Building & Construction:

Yali Pumice stone is suitable for the production of light weight structural elements (light weight pumice blocks), lightweight concrete, light weight precast elements, light weight insulations, coatings and floor fillings.


Usage in Cultivations:

As a natural raw material it is suitable as a substrate of hydroponic cultivations, soil improvement media, ingredient for green roofs substrates and soil cover in landscaping.

Usage in Geotechnical Applications:

It is suitable as a substrate in loose soil and ground water, as a sub base for roads and playing fields construction such as tennis courts & golf courses and as a light weight filling material in Port constructions.


Other Applications:

It serves a broad range of applications of our daily life since it is used in cement production, in textile stone wash as a polishing material, as a water purification media etc.

It is transported to UAE by sea from Greece either in bulk by chartered vessel or in bags by containers. Available in various grades and sizes of 0-3, 0-8, 2-10, 0-16 & 16-40mm with each grades suitable for different applications.


– Natural raw material

– Totally environmentally friendly

– Homogeneous quality

– Low specific weight

– Homogeneous white colour

– Thermal insulating and sound proofing properties

– High mechanical strength.



Yali Pumice blocks and light weight concrete has been used extensively in UAE market for more than 20 years in construction of special projects which requires light weight blocks/concrete with low weight, high strength and low specific gravity and in construction of high rise building with high specifications.

Latest project completed in UAE using Yali Pumice light weight blocks is ADNOC Head Quarters Building in Abu Dhabi Corniche.